Amanibhavam is the flower of health and madness, too powerful for humans to consume, but heals and strengthens greater creatures, such as horses. It is native to the Plains of Ra, but also occasionally throughout the Center Plains, and Lower Lands. It is a bright yellow flower growing up tall grass stalks, easily interwoven together, with a strong odor.

Health and MadnessEditEdit

Amanibhavam grows primarily in the Plains of Ra, where the very grass lands emit an elemental life force. The Ranyhyn use it as their chief sustance, as they are forms of Earthpower incarnate. For the Ranyhyn, and other horses and great beasts, the plant is powerful enough to heal them, and invigorate them. In humans however, it is too much, it causes dilirium, hallucinations, and slows the mind. The Unbeliever once consumed the healing grass, and wandered for hours along the marge of Morinmoss. His injuries and life were sustained by the grass, but he was no longer able to care for himself, and so may have died anyway, had not an Unfettered Healer taken his burden upon herself.

The Ramen used amanibhavam as garland to mark their Manethralls, which also served to supply the Ranyhyn, should they find one hurt or weakened. In later ages, inspired by Linden Avery, the Ramen began using small pinches of amanibhavam to revive and strengthen themselves, and Giants. In very small amounts, people could be strengthened by it, but it would often result in minor convulsions.


Oddly, the amanibhavam does grow outside the Plains of Ra, and is mentioned being found along the Center Plains, close to Trothgard. It is also seemingly found along the war-torn Lower Lands, especially along the foothills of Landsdrop. When the Mission to Seareach travelled from the Giantway in Sarangrave, to the Defiles course, they found a great deal of amanibhavam to feed their Ranyhyn. The amanibhavam is also very hardy, surviving the fell winter of the Illearth War, and the Ramen garlands have been known to remain fresh for weeks at a time. In many ways the amanibhavam is similar to aliantha.

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