"Sorrow belongs to those who also hope."
—Atiaran to Thomas Covenant
Atiaran Trell-mate
Tiaran (Parent)

Trell (Husband)
Lena (Daughter)
Elena (Granddaughter)

Acence (Sister)

Atiaran is a Stonedownor who lives in Mithil Stonedown, married to Trell. She is the mother of Lena and delivers babies in the Stonedown. . The insignia of her household is a leaf pattern and she helps Odana give birth to her child and knows the song Something There is in Beauty.


She is known to have studied with the Lorewardens at the Loresraat but left as she wasn't strong enough to continue, at the time Variol was High Lord. She failed as she was shown just a small portion of the despite of Lord Foul and it made her heart quail so she returned to Mithil Stonedown to teach the little she had learnt to the village. She was taught the prayers of the Land by Prothall.

At the time of her wedding to Trell the South Plains were in severe drought and the people desparied, on the eve of her wedding night to Trell he found a pice of Orcrest and together they broke the drought on the Plains. She prayed a song to the earth known by the Loresraat and he broke the stone with his fingers. The marriage since has been a strong memory of all the Stonedown.

Role in the Covenant SeriesEdit

Lord Foul's BaneEdit

She takes Thomas Covenant to Revelstone. On her way she learns of her daughters rape from Triock. She refuses to let Triock hurt him and gains a hatred for Covenant but she still takes him to Revelstone, believing the Lords will punish him.

She sees the Dance of the Wraiths of Andelain which has always been a dream of hers. When they come under attack by a group of Ur-Viles she begs Covenant to save the Wraiths. An Unfettered One comes to their aid giving her, Covenant and the Wraiths time to flee. She hates herself after this for not doing more, saying the Wraiths will never dance again though some survived.

She leaves Covenant on the banmks of the Soulsease River when they find Saltheart Foamfollower now a broken woman from all the murder she has seen, she returns back to Mithil Stonedown a broken woman.