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Long and Tattered
Pale Blue

The beggar is a quaint old man that Thomas Covenant meets in the first chapter of Lord Foul's Bane and the final chapter of The Power that Preserves. Linden Avery also meets him in the first chapter of The Wounded Land.

His most descriptive feature is his dirty ochre-colored robe that he wears. He gives Covenant a note outside the courthouse and tells him to "Be true". He is later revealed to be the very Creator of the Land, having chosen Covenant to be its savior.

History Edit

Lord Foul's Bane Edit

He is depicted as a dirty old man in dirty ochre robes who mumbles tunes unintelligibly. His mouth hangs open, and he has long tattered hair and beard. In his left hand he carries a beggars bowl and in his right a long wooden staff saying 'Beware' atop it, he instructs a boy to give Thomas Covenant a note.

Covenant gives him his White Gold ring when he asks for money however the Beggars gives it back. He question him on various things even going as far to ask Thomas why he doesn't just destroy himself. Covenant says this would be too easy.

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