The Beggar's Note is a note given to Thomas Covenant at the beginning of Lord Foul's Bane and reads as follows:

A real man- real in all the ways that we recognize as real
- finds himself suddenly abstracted from the world and
deposited in a physical situation which could not possibly
exist: sounds have aroma, smells have color and depth,
sights have texture, touches have pitch and timbre. There
he is informed by a disembodied voice that he has been
brought to that place as a champion for his world. He
must fight to the death in single combat against a champion
from another world. If he is defeated, he will die, and his
world- the real world- will be destroyed because it lacks
the inner strength to survive.
The man refuses to believe that what he is told is true.
He asserts that he is either dreaming or hallucinating, and
declines to be put in the false position of fighting to the
death where no 'real' danger exists. He is implacable in his
determination to disbelieve his apparent situation, and does
not defend himself when he is attacked by the champion
of the other world.
Question: is the man's behavior courageous or coward-
ly? This is the fundamental question of ethics.

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