“We are the Bloodguard. We will not permit the Lords to enact their own death. We failed to prevent High Lord Kevin's self-destruction. We will not fail again.”


The Bloodguard are Haruchai, from beyond Guard's Gap in the western mountains. During the time of Kevin Landwaster an army of them, led by Korik, Tuvor, Morin, Bannor and Terrel, invaded the Land. High Lord Kevin refused to fight them, instead showing them the glory and beauty that the EarthPower could create.

So profoundly were they impressed, that the invasion was abandoned and 500 Haruchai swore to remain and serve the Lords as the Bloodguard. Something in their words or intent invoked the Earthpower, and their Vow became binding in defiance of time and mortality.

Most of the Bloodguard were with the army and are over 2000 years old. If one does die, his body is sent to the Gap and another Haruchai comes to take his place. Thus the Bloodguard still number almost 500, as only when a body cannot be recovered are their numbers diminished.

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