The Heavens

The Creator  is the mysterious being who created the Land and the universe in which it exists. This universe is referred to as "the Land" but is clearly a different reality than Covenant's world. The fundamental structure of the universe, the Arch of Time, prevents the Creator from intervening directly in events in the world of his creation, and he never appears in physical form within that world. He can, however, manifest himself in the "real" world—he appears to Covenant and Linden as an old man in an ochre robe—and guides those who attempt to make contact between the universes.


The Creator ruled the endless blackness of the Universe with his children who danced gleefully across it. From the start, the Creator had an enemy known as Lord Foul, who strives endlessly to destroy all of the Creator’s creations.

For his children, who danced amongst the heavens, the Creator hammered and worked a rainbow. However, Lord Foul had marred his rainbow, creating a wound on its surface by adding spite to the Creator’s mortar. The Creator’s children danced gleefully across the rainbow finding the wound and not understanding it, so danced through it in their innocence. The Creator, in haste and anger, sealed the wound and trapped his children inside the Land and they became the stars in the sky. This became known as The Wounded Rainbow.

The legends of the Unhomed say he cleansed the rains and created a rainbow in the sky to show his children that they would eventually find their way home.

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