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Damelon Giantfriend

Damelon Giantfriend was the son of Berek Halfhand and was High Lord when the Unhomed arrived in The Land.

Role in the Covenant ChroniclesEdit

Era of the King and QueenEdit

During the war between the King and Queen of Doriendor Corishev, Damelon served as Berek's Hand (aide). During his High Lordship, Damelon named Rivenrock and discovered the Blood of the Earth beneath Melenkurion Skyweir.

Era of the Old LordsEdit

He gave the Giants Seareach to build themselves a place to live, and in return they built Revelstone for the Lords. The Giants of this time had lost hope of returning Home, however Damelon saw promise in his Lore giving the Giants hope.

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