The Dance of the Wraiths of Andelain also called the Celebration of Spring or Banas Nimoram is a dance carried out by the Wraiths of Andelain on the dark of the moon on the middle night of spring. The dance is only carried out if you do not disturb the air with anger.

The Wraiths dance and bow around each other and all raise their 'voices' in a high wordless song and change their movements into a radiating, circular dance. Each flame dancing its own independent dance in the circle. The light they radiate grows and grows till the stars seems pale in comparison.

In response to Thomas Covenant during the dance, the circle slowly bends becoming lopsided till the circle is pointed toward Covenant. The dance then slows and they get closer and closer till they all begin to touch his wedding ring.

A darkness comes to kill the wraiths during the end of their dance, however the Wraiths have to dance till the dance is finished and so don't stop as they are slowly killed by Ur-Viles. When the first one dies their voiceless song ceases, however a few escape due to the intervention of an Unfettered One.

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