In the Chronicles of Thomas Covenant the Unbeliver, Earthpower is an eldritch force found in the natural world, somewhat akin to the Chinese concept of Qi, or life-energy. It may be thought of as the life-principle of the Earth itself: the power of the Earth to support and nourish life. Earthpower manifests in both living and nonliving matter, and everything in nature has some degree of inherent Earthpower. Things which are strongly Earthpowerful have extraordinary, even paranormal, properties.

With the right lore, Earthpower can be harnessed to perform works of thaumaturgy.

List of Earthpowerful PhenomenaEdit

  • Aliantha is a small fruit-bearing shrub. The fruit of the aliantha plant, called treasure-berries, are far more nourishing than ordinary fruit.  Lena tells Covenant that a person can survive, even thrive, on a diet of nothing but aliantha.
  • Hurtloam is Earthpowerful sand or mud that heals injury and cures disease.
  • Amanibavam is a flowering grasslike plant, which has a healing effect when eaten. It is too potent for humans, who risk being driven mad by it, but horses tolerate it. Dried amanibavam can be used safely by humans as a roborant and makes a good poultice.
  • Earthblood is pure liquid Earthpower, found only in a cavern deep inside the mountain Melenkurion Skyweir. Drinking it gives a being the Power of Command-- a one-time ability to make virtually any demand of the world, and have it obeyed.
  • Stone Lore is the Earthpower present in all stone. It is wielded by Trell Atiaran-mate, Triock, son of Thuler and the Revelstone masters of stone lore. Used in the defense of Revelstone in Power That Preserves, when the walls of the Keep are attacked by ur-viles.
  • Wood Lore is the Earth power present in the trees. Used by loremasters of Soaring Woodhelven as well as Revelwood.
  • The Ranyhn are Earthpowerful horses capable of preternatural strength and endurance.

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