Covenant fights the specter of Elena at the Colossus of the Fall in The Power that Preserves.
High Lord
Lena (mother)

Thomas Covenant (father)
Trell (grandfather)
Atiaran (grandmother)

Triock (adoptive father)
Brown streaked with honey blonde
Grey, "unfocused"
Era of the New Lords

High Lord Elena meets Thomas Covenant when he returns to the Land in the second book, The Illearth War. She falls in love with him, though she is revealed to be his daughter via his rape of Lena.


Shortly after Thomas Covenant raped Lena, she became pregnant with his child.

While Elena was growing up, Ranyhyn rode into Mithil Stonedown as a result of Covenant's agreement with them. Elena rode a Ranyhyn as a child and participated in a horserite, where she drank in the water and began to desire Lord Foul's demise. She pursued study of the Lore of Sword and Staff at Revelstone, as her grandmother Atiaran once had, though she completed her studies and became a Lord. It is unknown how she came to lead the Council over other, more experienced Lords such as Mhoram.

As High Lord she became obsessed with her ancient predecessor High Lord Kevin Landwaster, believing his return to be the only answer to Lord Foul's evil. In summoning him from the grave, she broke the Law of Death, assuring her own downfall and eventual enslavement by Foul.

Elena was said to be the most talented student of the Lore of her generation, perhaps one of the greatest of all time. She was highly skilled and a talented leader, building the Council of Lords to its most expanded membership in centuries, overseeing the creation of Revelwood, and developing the Warward into a credible fighting force, in anticipation of battle against Lord Foul. Despite her fixation on both Foul and Covenant, it is likely that the Land would not have endured its clash with Foul if not for her preparations and foresight.