Lord Foul unleashes the Sunbane on the Upper Land (roughly all the area west of Landsdrop), instantly destroying the forests, harvests and livestock of the free peoples. Caer-Caveral retreats to Andelain which he is able to preserve; the Ranyhyn and Ramen flee the Upper Land and relocate to the southern grasslands of the Sunbirth Sea. The Raver-mastered Clave creates the Banefire which strengthens and accelerates the Sunbane. Knowledge of Earthpower is replaced by the Clave's false Rede of bloodshed, enforced by Courser-mounted Riders of the Clave. Stonedowns and Woodhelvennin become isolated. An Unfettered One prophecies Covenant's return and sets up a mission at the base of Kevin's Watch; it is sustained by male descendents of his line from Mithil Stonedown. For the first time in millennia, small parties of Haruchai attempt to return to the Land but are overpowered and sacrificed by the Banefire-wielding Riders of the Clave; their potent blood reinforces the power of the Banefire and thus the Sunbane.

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