In the farthest North of the world a fire of incredible virulence was born, threatening to rive the shell of the world (perhaps waking the Worm of the World's End). Kastenessen the Elohim lives among humans in "a land to the east, where the Elohim are neither known nor guessed" and loves a human woman. In his absence the Elohim Appoint him to prevent the world's destruction. He refuses, flees with his lover and is caught and bound as a keystone over the fire in the North. He curses Findail. Kastenessen later finds a way to break free of his Durance by merging with one of the Skurj. He desires the destruction of every Elohim. He works with Lord Foul, and severs his hand and gives it to Roger Covenant to wield some of his power.

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