The Legend of Berek Halfhand is a song sung by Atiaran, and retells the story of Berek's fight against the King. It goes as follows:

In war men pass like shadows that stain the grass,
Leaving their lives upon the green:
While Earth bewails the crimson sheen,
Men's dreams and stars and whispers all helpless pass.
In one red shadow by woe and wicked cast,
In one red pool about his feet,
Berek mows the vile like ripe wheat,
Though of all the Beauty's guarders he is last:
Last to pass into the shadow of defeat,
And last to feel the full despair,
And leave his weapons lying there-
Take his half unbranded hand from battle seat.
Across the plains of the Land they all swept-
Treachers lust at faltering stride
As Berek fled before the tide,
Till on Mount Thunder's rock-mantled side he wept.
Berek! Earthfriend! - Held and weal,
Battle-aid against the foe!
Earth gives and answers Power's peal,
Ringing. Earthfriend! Help and heal!
Clean the Land from bloody death and woe!

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