Lomillialor is an offspring of the One Tree, also called High Wood helped by the Hirebrand of the Lillianrill Lore. In history one was given to Lord Foul as a gift from Kevin Landwaster, it is said while he still possessed the rod it never rejected him.

One is held by Baradakas during Lord Foul's Bane.

It is described as a smooth wooden rod, three feet long with all the bark stripped. It feels slick to the touch. Those undergo the test of Lomillialor have the rod thrown towards them, if they catch it then they are deemed right in the Land; if not they are deemed wrong. Thomas Covenant fails the test, and Jehannum runs from the sight of the rod.

Covenant later uses it to protect himself from Baradakas when he attacks him, he wins and they finally accept him saying it is possible for Despite to wear the guise of truth. Baradakas later says in all the memory of the Lillianril no Hirebrand has been struck by the High Wood as had just been done.

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