Chapter Two - 'You Cannot hope'

Thomas Covenant enters Bell Telephone Company and nearly collides with the lawyer from his and Joan's divorce in his head writing the poem Pale Deaths.

He remembers the time he was diagnosed with Leprosy and the operation on his right hand as well as Joan leaving his life taking Roger with her. As well as the time he is taken to the Leprosarium and eventually allowed to leave after six months, returning home after seeing the effects of the disease after it has progressed.

He recounts how returning home he re-organised the house to minimize the risk of injury to himself. Returning to the present he learns his phone bill has been paid for the next several months. Leaving he goes to talk to the Beggar who he gives his White Gold but he returns it to him. He then leaves for home, crossing the road he is hit by a Police Car.

Thomas Covenant
Armauer Hansen
Dr O. A. Skinses
Joan Covenant
Roger Covenant
Bell Telephone Company
Haven Farm
Beggars Note
White Gold

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