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  • Acence: a Stonedownor, sister of Atiaran
  • aliantha: treasure-berries
  • amanibhavam: horse-healing grass, poisonous to men
  • anundivian yajña: lost Ramen craft of bone-sculpting
  • Atiaran Trell-mate: a Stonedownor, daughter of Tiaran


  • Banas Nimoram: the Celebration of Spring
  • Bannor: a Bloodguard, assigned to Covenant
  • Baradakas: a Hirebrand of Soaring Woodhelven
  • Berek Halfhand: founder of the line of Lords
  • Bhrathair: a people met by the wandering Giants
  • Birinair: a Hirebrand, Hearthrall of Lord’s Keep
  • Bloodguard: the defenders of the Lords
  • Brabha: a Ranyhyn, Korik’s mount


  • caamora: Giantish ordeal of grief by fire
  • Caerroil Wildwood: Forestal of Garroting Deep
  • Cavewights: evil creatures existing under Mount Thunder
  • Celebration of Spring: the Dance of the Wraiths of Andelain on the dark of the moon in the middle night of Spring
  • clingor: adhesive leather
  • Close, the: the council-chamber of Lord’s Keep
  • Cord: Ramen second rank
  • cording: ceremony of becoming a Cord
  • Corruption: Bloodguard name for Lord Foul
  • Creator, the: legendary Enemy of Lord Foul


  • Damelon Giantfriend: son of Berek Halfhand, ancient High Lord
  • Dance of the Wraiths: Celebration of Spring
  • Demondim: makers of ur-viles and Waynhim
  • Desolation, the: era of ruin in the Land, after the Ritual of Desecration
  • Despiser, the: Lord foul
  • Despite: Power of Evil
  • diamondraught: Giantish liquor
  • Drool Rockworm: a Cavewight, finder of the Staff of Law
  • Dura Fairflank: a mustang, Covenant’s mount


  • Earthfriend: title first given to Berek Halfhand
  • Elohim: a people met by the wandering Giants
  • Eoman: a unit of the Warward of Lord’s Keep, twenty warriors and a Warhaft


  • Fangthane the Render: Ramen name for Lord Foul
  • Fire-Lions: fire-flow of Mount Thunder
  • fire-stones: graveling
  • First Mark: the Bloodguard commander
  • First Ward of Kevin’s Lore: primary knowledge left by High Lord Kevin
  • forbidding: a wall of power
  • Forestal: protector of the remnants of the One Forest
  • Foul’s Creche: the Despiser’s home
  • Furl Falls: waterfall at Revelstone
  • Furl’s Fire: warning fire at Revelstone


Garth: Warmark of the Warward of Lord’s Keep

Gay: a Winhome of the Ramen

Giantclave: Giantish conference

Giants: the Unhomed, ancient friends of the Lords

Gilden: a maple-like tree with golden leaves

Gildenlode: a power-wood formed from Gilden trees

Grace: a Cord of the Ramen

graveling: fire-stones, made to glow by stone-lore

Gravelingas: a master of the stone-lore

Gray Slayer: plains name for Lord Foul

griffin: lion-like beast with wings


Haruchai: a people from whom the Bloodguard come

Healer: a physician

Hearthrall of Lord’s Keep: one responsible for light, warmth and hospitality

Heart of Thunder: cave of power in Mount Thunder

Heartthew: Berek Halfhand

heartwood chamber: meeting-place of a Woodhelven

Herem: a Raver

High Lord: leader of the Council of Lords

High Wood: offspring of the One Tree

Hirebrand: a master of wood-lore

Hurn: a Cord of the Ramen

hurtloam: a healing mud

Huryn: a Ranyhyn, Terrel’s mount

Hynaril: a Ranyhyn, mount of Tamarantha and Mhoram


Illearth Stone: source of evil power found under Mount Thunder

Imoiran Tomal-mate: a Stonedowner

Irin: warrior of the Third Eoman of the Warward


Jehannum: a Raver


Kevin Landwaster: son of Loric Vilesilencer, last High Lord of the Old Lords

Kevin’s Lore: knowledge of power left by Kevin in the Seven Wards

Kiril Threndor: Heart of Thunder

Korik: a Bloodguard

kresh: savage, giant, yellow wolves

Kurash Plenethor: region formerly named Stricken Stone, now called Trothgard


Land, the: generally, area found on the map

Lena: a Stonedownor, daughter of Atiaran

Lifeswallower: the Great Swamp

lillianrill: wood-lore, or masters of wood-lore

Lithe: a Manethrall of the Ramen

Llaura: Heer of Soaring Woodhelven

lomillialor: High Wood

Lord: master of the Sword and Staff parts of Kevin’s Lore

Lord-Fatherer: Berek Halfhand

Lord Foul: Lords’ name for the Enemy of the Land

Lords-fire: staff-fire used by the Lords

Lords’ Keep: Revelstone

loremaster: a leader of ur-viles

Loresraat: Trothgard school where Kevin’s Lore is studied

Lorewarden: teacher in the Loresraat

loreworks: Demondim power-laboratory

Loric Vilesilencer: a High Lord, son of Damelon Giantfriend

lor-liarill: Gildenlode


Malliner: Woodhelvennin Heer, son of Veinnin

Maneing: ceremony of becoming a Manethrall

Manethrall: Ramen first rank

Marny: a Ranyhyn, Tuvor’s mount

marrowmeld: bone-sculpting

Melenkurion abatha: phrase of invocation or power

Mhoram: Lord, son of Variol

Murrin Odona-mate: a Stonedownor


Oath of Peace: oath by people of the Land against needless violence

Odona Murrin-mate: a Stonedownor

Old Lords: Lords prior to the Ritual of Desecration

Omournil: Woodhelvennin Heer, daughter of Mournil

One Forest: ancient forest which covered most of the Land

One Tree, the: mystic tree from which the Staff of Law was made

orcrest: a stone of power

Osondrea: Lord, daughter of Sondrea


Padrias: Woodhelvennin Heer, son of Mill

Peak of the Fire-Lions: Mount Thunder

Pietten: Woodhelvennin child, son of Soranal

Prothall: High Lord, son of Dwillian


Quaan: Warhaft of the Third Eoman of the Warward

Quest, the: search to rescue the Staff of Law


Ramen: a people who serve the Ranyhyn

Ranyhyn: the great, free horses of the Plains of Ra

Ravers: Lord Foul’s three ancient servants

Revelstone: Lord’s Keep, mountain city of the Lords

rhadhamaerl: stone-lore, or masters of stone-lore

Ringthane: Ramen name for Thomas Covenant

Rites of Unfettering: the ceremony of becoming Unfettered

Ritual of Desecration: act of despair by which High Lord Kevin destroyed the Old Lords and ruined most of the land

Rockbrother, Rocksister: term of affection between men and Giants

Rustah: a Cord of the Ramen


sacred enclosure: Vespers-hall at Revelstone

Saltheart Foamfollower: a Giant, friend of Covenant

Sandgorgons: monsters described by the Giants

Satansheart: Giantish name for Lord Foul

Seven Wards: collection of knowledge left by High Lord Kevin

Seven Words: power-words

Sheol: a Raver

Soranal: a Woodhelvennin Heer, son of Thiller

Soulcrusher: Giantish name for Lord Foul

Sparlimb Keelsetter: a Giant, father of triplets

springwine: a mild, refreshing liquor

Staff, the: to distinguish from other staves a branch of Kevin’s Lore

Staff of Law, the: formed by Berek from the One Tree

Stonedown: a stone-village

Stricken Stone: now called Trothgard

suru-pa-maerl: a stone craft

Sword, the: a branch of Kevin’s Lore


Tamarantha Variol-mate: Lord, daughter of Enesta

Terass: a Stonedownor, daughter of Annoria

Terrel: a Bloodguard

test of truth: test of veracity by lomillialor or orcrest

Thew: a Cord of the Ramen

Tohrm: Gravelingas and Hearthrall of Lord’s Keep

Tomal: a Stonedownor craftmaster

treasure-berries: aliantha; nourishing fruit found throughout the Land

Trell Atiaran-mate: Gravelingas of Mithil Stonedown

Triock: a Stonedownor, son of Thuler

Tuvor: First mark of the Bloodguard


Unbeliever: Thomas Covenant

Unfettered: lore-students freed from conventional responsibilities

Unhomed, the: The Giants

ur-Lord: title given to Thomas Covenant

ur-viles: Demondim-spawn, evil creatures


Vailant: former High Lord

Variol Tamarantha-mate: Lord, former High Lord, son of Pentil

Viles: sires of Demondim

Vow, the: Haruchai oath which formed the Bloodguard


Warhaft: commander of an Eoman

Warlore: Sword knowledge in Kevin’s Lore

Warmark: commander of the Warward

Warrenbridge: entrance to the catacombs under Mount Thunder

Warward: the army of Lord’s Keep

Wavenhair Haleall: a Giant, wife of Sparlimb Keelsetter, mother of triplets

Waymeet: resting place for travelers

Waynhim: tenders of the Waymeets, opponents of ur-viles though Demondim-spawn

Wightwarrens: homes of the Cavewights under Mount Thunder

Winhome: Ramen lowest rank

Woodhelven: wood-village

Woodhelvennin: inhabitants of wood-village

Word of Warning: a powerful, destructive forbidding

Wraiths of Andelain: creatures that perform the Dance at the Celebration of Spring

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