Lore is the collection of information which has been accumulated on some topic.  Within the Chronicles, the word usually refers to magical knowledge. Several different bodies of magical lore are presented in the Chronicles.

Kevin's LoreEdit

Kevin's Lore is the collected knowledge of the Old Lords. It consists of two branches, the Sword and the Staff.  The Sword is Old Lords' military tradition, preserved from a former kingdom. The Staff contains all that the Old Lords had discovered or invented about Earthpower and how to wield it from the time of Berek Halfhand until the Ritual of Desecration. Kevin Ladwaster divided the lore into seven units called "wards," each of which would point out the location of the next once mastered.

The Rede of the ClaveEdit

The Rede was a body of knowledge, promulgated by the Clave, which enabled people of the Land to survive under the Sunbane.  It included information on using the power of the Sunbane to create works of thaumaturgy.

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