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March 2017
When I first launched my newsletter project, I intended to put out three a year, or possibly four. But that hasn't happened. Readers of my previous "blast" know what occurred last year: my publisher, Berkley, instructed me not to announce their decision to publish my new trilogy, The Great God's War, until they had issued their own press release--a process that took several months. (During that time, Gollancz also came on board; but they haven't imposed any "gag orders.") And now the same thing has happened again. I approved Berkley's cover art and design for Book One, SEVENTH DECIMATE, almost three months ago; but Berkley told me to keep the image to myself until they could do their own "reveal." Which didn't take place until today. So now at last I can send out my third newsletter.

For readers who are interested, there will soon be a downloadable PDF of the "Prologue" from SEVENTH DECIMATE posted on my web site ( But be warned: in the immortal words of Valorie Ebert, "Prince Bifalt is an asshat." (I wanted that for a cover blurb, but nobody else thought it was funny.) Publication is scheduled for mid-November--as it is for Gollancz in the UK. But I don't recall seeing the cover art and design for that edition.

The Gollancz cover I've included here is for their upcoming paperback of "The King's Justice" and "The Augur's Gambit": both novellas in one volume. But I hasten to add that this is a preliminary image. Details may change.

Sadly, I have no other solid news. I'm told that Berkley intends to release an audio version of SEVENTH DECIMATE, but I don't know when--or who will do the reading. (E-books now are almost automatic.) Other than that, I'm hard at work on Book Two, KNOWLEDGE AND EVIL. There isn't much I can say about it at this stage, except that I find it very challenging--and that the finished version will probably be at least twice as long as Book One. Oh, and I'm in no foreseeable danger of missing my deadline.

Maybe this year will be different. Maybe this year I'll be able to muster three newsletters. <rueful grin>

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© 2017 Stephen R. Donaldson

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