Trell (Gravelingas)

"Go to Rhadhamaerl for truth,

Lillianrill for council."


The Rhadhamaerl is a magic based entirely around Stone-Lore. People trained in its arts understand the rocks and soils, and the Masters of their order are called Gravelingas. They also understand the use of Hurtloam.

Their magic gives them multiple capabilities. They can work fire-stones which give off heat and light, when used in this way one of this Lore can lift the container that holds it with ease, whereas other men cannot. They can also piece together broken pottery by stroking along the breaks, though doing this is very tiring.

Their Lore also can help them tell the weather by looking at the heart of a stone. This Lore helped the people who fled to the Southron Wastes after the Ritual of Desecration.

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