Samadhi Sheal



Samadhi Sheol is one of Lord Foul's three Ravers; the other two being Moksha Jehannum and Turiya Herem. Unlike its two brothers, Sheol was effectively slain by the Sandgorgon Nom when it attempted to possess the giant Honninscrave; the giant managed to trap Samadhi-Sheol in his body and thereby allowed Nom to "rend" the Raver's soul and consume the fragments, not technically killing the Raver, but damaging it beyond repair and removing it from the Despiser's service. However, by the time of Fatal Revenant, it is apparent that Sheol is still capable of malicious influence. Through the translation of Stave the Haruchai, Nom acknowledges that while the fragments of Sheol's spirit have "been forever torn from coherence, they were not deprived of intention and malice." Additionally, Stave senses a "darkness" in the sandgorgons, and says that "samadhi Sheol's spirit yet clings to Corruption."

Before its "death", Samadhi Sheol led Lord Foul's army during the siege of Revelstone while possessing a giant; during this time it was known as Satansfist. Sheol's giant body was slain by High Lord Mhoram using Loric's Krill.

The next time that Samadhi Sheol made an appearance is in The Second Chronicles of Thomas Covenant where it was the leader of the Clave.

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