Soaring Woodhelven is a community that follows the Lillianrill Lore. They live in tree houses. They have their own scouts which other people of the Land do not. The Heers of their Lore council in the Heart Wood Chamber. Their welcoming salute is by raising their right arms, palm facing forward.

Early in Lord Foul's Bane they are cautious of Raver's when Atiaran and Thomas Covenant visit. The previous day a Raver in the disguise of a Stonedownor calling himself Jehannum visited who ridiculed their lore, he was invited to the Heart Wood Chamber where he talked of glee and revival of the land. They saw through this and offered him the test of the Lomillialor. When he saw it he fled.

Later they are discovered burned out.

“The destruction was a fiendish piece of work. Fire had reduced the original tree to smoldering spars less than a hundred feet tall, and the charred trunk had been split from top to bottom, leaving the two halves leaning slightly away from each other. Occasional flames still flickered near their tips. And all around the base of the tree, corpses littered the ground as if the earth were already too full of dead to contain the population of the village."