The Song of the Unhomed is the first song concerning the Unhomed and is sung by Saltheart Foamfollower to Thomas Covenant during their time on the Soulsease River on their journey to Revelstone.

It tells of the origins of the Unhomed from their homeland.

The lyrics go as follows:

We are the Unhomed-
lost voyagers of the world,
In the land beyond the Sunbirth Sea
we lived and had our homes and grew-
and set our sails to the wind,
unheeding of the peril of the lost.
We are the Unhomed-
From home and hearth,
stone sacred dwelling crafted by our reverent hands,
we set our sails to the wind of the stars,
and carried life across the earth,
careless of the peril of our loss.
We are the Unhomed-
lost voyagers of the world.
From desert shore to high cliff crag,
home of men and sylvan sea-edge, faery lands-
from dream to dream we set our sails,
and smiled at the rainbow of our loss.
We are the Unhomed,
bereft of root and kith and kin,
From other mysteries of delight,
we set our sails to resail our track;
but the winds of life blew not the way we chose,
and the land beyond the sea was lost.

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