A Stonedown is a village dedicated to the Rhadhamaerl stone Lore of the Land. It appears that each family in a Stonedown has their own sigil for their house, embroided on their clothing.

Wedding CeremonyEdit

For two Stonedownors to marry they must first become friends and then asks permission from the Circle of Elders. They watch the two for a season to ensure their friendship is secure, with no hidden jealousy or disturbance to their friendship.

Once they have been assured everyone gathers in the center of the Stonedown with the Elders taking the two to be wed into their arms to ask them:
Do you wish to share life, in joy and sorrow, work and rest, peace and struggle, to make the Land new?

The two to be wed respond by saying:
Life with life, we choose to share the blessings and servings of the Earth.

All the Stonedown then cries out:
It is good! Let there be life and joy and power while the years last.

The two are then wed and spend the day in joy with the other Stonedown teaching them new songs and dances.