The Mahdoubt
Violet blue/orange

The Mahdoubt is one of the Insequent. She first appears toward the end of The Runes of the Earth as a servant of Revelstone where she takes care of Linden Avery. She has a very kind and caring personality. The next time she appears is in the past; after Linden drives Roger Covenant away, the Mahdoubt brings Linden back to the present.

Role in Covenant SeriesEdit

Cared for by a mysterious—and oddly comforting—woman named the Mahdoubt, Linden tries to imagine how she can persuade the Masters to aid her search for Jeremiah, and for the salvation of the Land. She warns Linden to be cautious of love before disappearing. After an encounter with Caerroil Wildwood, the Forestal of Garroting Deep, who engraves her Staff with runes to make it more powerful, she is rescued from the past by the Mahdoubt. Here the Mahdoubt is revealed as one of the Insequent. She also hears that a stranger has single-handedly destroyed the entire horde of the Demondim. Meeting this stranger, she finds that he is the Harrow, yet another Insequent. He covets both her Staff and Covenant’s ring, and he has the power to take them by emptying her mind, depriving her of will. However, the Mahdoubt intervenes. Violating the fundamental ethics which govern the Insequent, she opposes the Harrow and defeats him, winning from him the promise that he will not wrest the Staff of Law and Covenant’s ring.from Linden by force: a victory which costs the Mahdoubt her own life.