Atiaran Trell-mate (Wife)

Lena (Daughter)

Elena (Granddaughter)
Thick, reddish

Trell is the Gravelingas of Mithil Stonedown working with fire-stones. He is the father of Lena and the grandfather of Elena being married to Atiaran. The insignia of his household is a leaf pattern.

He is a large, powerfully built man with thick reddish hair. He can pick up a pot of graveling when it burns due to his Lore where other men can't. He also can mend broken pottery with Rhadhamaerl lore, though it is very tiring for him. His Lore also can help him tell the weather by looking at the heart of a stone.

He is best known for performing a small-scale Ritual of Desecration in the Close at Revelstone. He learns of his daughters rape from Triock.


At the time of his wedding to Atiaran The South Plains were in drought and the people despaired, on the evening of there wedding night Trell he found a piece of Orcrest and together they broke the drought of the plains. She prayed a song to the earth known by the Loresraat and he broke the stone with his fingers. The marriage since has been a strong memory of all the Stonedown.

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