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Demondim, Waynhim

The Waynhim are the tenders of the Waymeets created by the ancient Demondim. They help the trees to grow, and provide fresh food and water for travelers who arrive at one.


Their torsos are inordinately long, having short limbs, so can walk normally or on hands and feet. They have a long flexible neck, a hairless head, pointed ears, and a mouth that is a mere slit. Their nostrils are in the center of their faces and they have no eyes.


They were given this service by the Lords when they ask for a purpose as expiation for the sins of their kindred. They recall Loric Vilesilencer with gratitude for making their kindred impotent and turned against the Ur-Viles after the Ritual of Desecration. They serve the Waymeet for their own purpose, simple tasks to redeem the evil of their mighty lore, leaving signs of Waymeets in the landscape for travelers to find them.

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