White Gold Wielder - 1983
Title White Gold Wielder
Author Stephen R. Donaldson
Published March 12, 1983
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Binding Hardcover
Pages 485
ISBN ISBN 0-3453-0307-5
Series The Second Chronicles of Thomas Covenant
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White Gold Wielder is the last book in The Second Chronicles of Thomas Covenant trilogy.
"Thomas Covenant realized that despite their awful failure on the Isle of The One Tree, there was no alternative but to return to the Land and fight. Mhoram had warned him: "...In the end, you must return to the Land."

After a long and arduous journey overland, the company reaches Revelstone. Following a fiery showdown with Gibbon Raver, Covenant discovers the he can come to terms with—and control—his awesome power. As he readies himself for the final showdown with Lord Foul, the Despiser, Thomas Covenant knows he has the answer at last."


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