"Wild magic graven in every rock,

Contained for white gold to unleash or control-"


Wild Magic is a supernatural force. Often called the keystone of the Arch of Time, Wild Magic is a part of the Law which acts to produce change. The text of the books suggest that without Wild Magic, the universe would be static and unchanging.

Within the Arch of Time, Wild Magic can be wielded by anyone in possesion of white gold. However, if the person is not its rightful owner, the degree of power that individual can exert is diminished. Thus, characters that wish to posses white gold which belongs to another will not seize it by force, but rather try to compel the owner to surrender it voluntarily.

When used, Wild Magic manifests as silver flames which posses incredible destructive power. However, the chief importance of Wild Magic in the Chronicles is its ability to manipulate Time. In the First and Second Chronicles, the Despiser wants the power of Wild Magic because it is the key to his prison: a strong enough exertion of Wild Magic would destroy the Arch of Time, freeing him back into the greater cosmos beyond.

In the Last Chronicles, Joan Covenant's unconcious exertions of Wild Magic causes caesures or Falls, regions where Time becomes meaningless: the area in the Fall experiences all its moments not as a sequence, but simultaneously.